Is your BMW or MINI feeling sluggish? Is fuel consumption up?

Carbon build up in the combustion chamber and intake valves might be responsible. Most BMW engines starting in 2008 use direct fuel injection, meaning that the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. The fuel injectors are placed directly in the cylinder, no longer before the intake valve. While this helps enhance performance power, as well as reducing fuel consumption, it has its drawbacks.

Exposing the intake valve to fuel and oil, after a few years of driving, results in carbon build up in the intake track, and intake valves, from the fuel and oil. As a result of this carbon build up, you might start experiencing sluggishness on acceleration, rough idle, increased oil consumption, amongst a few other symptoms.

While some fuel additives, will somewhat reduce the amount of carbon build up, after a few years of driving, the buildup is almost inevitable. So what are the solutions?

The decarbonizing process might be an expensive proposition, as quoted by some BMW dealers. Some will even recommend removal of the cylinder heads, which is quite an expensive procedure.

Walnut Blasting to the Rescue!

While most other methods used, other than removal of the intake manifold and cylinder heads, have failed, walnut blasting is the most economical and effective solution.

A blasting tool using pressurized air injects at high speed, small particles of broken up walnut shells, directly into the intake tract. The carbon build up from the fuel and oil are completely removed, when the walnut shell particles impact the tract. The walnut shells are specifically chosen to remove the deposits without causing any damage to the cylinder head or valves.

At North Houston Beemer, we have been performing this procedure for quite some time now. The result being in many satisfied customers, glad to have their performance back, and fuel consumption improved. In contrast to most dealers charging anywhere for $1200 to $800 for the procedure, our price for BMW six cylinder gas is only $575.00 and for MINI is only $525.00 until 05/31/18.


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